New Newsletter, New Home - Same love of nature, Magic, & ARt

Get in seeker, we're going on a hike.

Or at least, on an adventure.

Likely Tale was born as a concept a little over 10 years ago, and has lived through some interesting iterations. It's thesis is as simple as it is complex...

We are all the authors of our tales. Story is innately human. It's how we relate to the world. The reclamation of our stories is a power that cannot be prevented. We were always destined to take them back. To weird them as a force for good. For connection.....and so much more.

It's time for the rebirth, the reemergence, of The Likely Tale.
It's time to write the story. It's time to embrace the magic

Join us in the forest of story. Gather round the campfire.

We have stories to tell.

Grab a seat by the fire, friend.

Gathering steam this spring. (Let the story begin)
Relaunching this summer. (Our stories together)
Nature. Magic. Story. It's all ours. (Rooting our tales)

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